Why Cellipont?

Cellipont Bioservices recognizes the selection of a CDMO partner is one of the most crucial decisions a cell therapy company will ever make. The lives of patients, careers of employees and more are at stake.

While each company will base their decision on unique criteria, Cellipont believes the core decision is typically made around technical capabilities, capacity and cultural fit.

When considering Cellipont as your cell therapy CDMO partner, we hope you will consider these attributes that we believe form the core of our success:

Big Company Expertise. Small Company Agility.

The Cellipont Bioservices team has been developing and manufacturing cell therapies since the very early days of this industry. We have witnessed and played a role in the advancement of the industry and have earned a reputation as a “go-to” partner for culturing difficult cell types. Cellipont clients get access to world-class scientific knowhow, yet we are able to avoid the rigidity found at larger CDMOs. We believe being nimble helps us get clients to the right endpoint faster.

Leveraging Technology.

Advanced cell therapy is a rapidly evolving biopharm segment with technology leaps happening routinely. We monitor and test new technologies constantly, and technology developers often turn to us to put their promising new tools to the test. We seek and master technological advancement that will move you forward.

cell therapy patient

We work because patients wait.

Delivering life saving therapies to patients is both an exhilarating thrill and solemn responsibility. Our partnerships with cell therapy innovators are fueled by the important roles we play in the lives of patients and their families.

cell therapy pipette close-up

One Product. One Team. One Mission.

Cellipont sees itself as a direct extension of our clients’ organizations. We take personal ownership for the success of your programs, and we work tirelessly and with full transparency to ensure your objectives are met. While “partnership” is an often-overused term, our client relationships cannot be described any other way.

cell therapy scientist at incubator

Feels like Family.

A CDMO’s work is done by people, and at Cellipont, our people feel like family. We have built a culture that makes each team member feel that they are valued and part of something bigger then just themselves. They are mentored, trained, and supported in all that they do. The result is a friendly, energized team that clients find refreshing!

How can Cellipont help?

Please send us a note and we’ll get right back to you!