About Cellipont Bioservices

Cellipont Bioservices is a cell therapy CDMO with experience in development and manufacturing of cell therapies.​

Our leaders have played an instrumental role in shaping the cell therapy development and manufacturing methods and technologies. Our technically strong team has been recognized by our partners for their ability to manufacture and release products successfully. Cellipont is committed in helping our partners to expand patient access to life-changing medicines through best-in-class development, analytical and manufacturing capabilities.

Cellipont Bioservices has a team of subject-matter-experts with extensive experience in the translation of your process from benchtop to bedside. Our team has hands on experience within autologous and allogenic cell therapies, and native & genetically modified cells.

We have proven in-house scientific and manufacturing expertise for all phases of clinical products for our range of clients from Pre-Clinical to Late Phase commercialization.

Our extensive experience spans across multiple product areas, including:

  • DCs
  • Fibroblasts
  • NK
  • MSCs
  • HSCs
  • TIL
  • Cell Banking (MCB, WCB)
  • Feeder Cell Banks

We are a growing company with a culture that is extremely responsive and customer-centric.

Cellipont Bioservices has very deep technical experience, including 18,000+ tissue samples and more than 1,800 primary cell cultures. With decades of experience at advanced therapy service companies large and small, our leadership team is guiding Cellipont Bioservices’ growth with deep knowledge of what it takes to succeed in this space.

Cellipont cell therapy scientists in lab

Located in The Woodlands, Texas right outside of Houston, Cellipont Bioservices facilities and quality systems are GMP-compliant.

Cellipont Bioservices is privately held. Our core investor, Great Point Partners, is a dedicated healthcare focused investment firm with an extensive track record in successfully building biologics services businesses.

Cellipont Bioservices is strategically located and centralized in The Woodlands, Texas to serve patients and clients across North America.  We are located near two major airports (IAH and Hobby) to support all your logistical needs and critical timelines.

History of the Cellipont Brand and Logo

The name Cellipont combines two concepts that are central to who we are as a company.  “Cell” reflects our deep focus on cell therapy science, while “pont” (the latin root for “bridge”) symbolizes several dimensions of the role we fulfill for clients, patients, partners and employees.

  • We bridge our innovator clients with patients
  • We bridge technical excellence and personal service
  • For our team, we bridge personal passion with professional vocation.
About our Logo

Our logo represents the structural elements of a suspension bridge as derived from the physical elements of a DNA helix.

Because a mastery of microbiology is central to our scientific strength, and because client service is core to our organizational “DNA”, we feel this DNA-based “bridge” is a fitting symbol to represent our team.

How can Cellipont help?

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